How to Find the Best AI Recruiting Tools

Best AI Recruiting Tools

There are plenty of tools that can help you find the best AI recruiting tools. These include Hiretual, AmazingHiring, SeekOut, and Ceipal. All of them offer a variety of benefits, including being user-friendly and offering advanced features. Some of the tools also allow you to manage your recruitment strategy.


Whether you’re hiring for an open position or looking to grow your talent base, SeekOut can help. It offers a specialized AI-driven search, video interviews, and a customizable application process to find candidates that match your company’s unique requirements.

These best AI recruiting tools also help you analyze the frequency of specific skills and the geographic distribution of your talent. It can even detect spelling errors in candidate resumes.

There are three SeekOut plans: SeekOut Premium, SeekOut Expert, and SeekOut Premium Tech. All of the products are priced according to your needs and budget.

  • Database of Over 500M Candidates

SeekOut has a large database of over 500 million candidates. It’s a great option for those looking for hard-to-find industry-specific talent.

SeekOut’s Sourcing Assistant offers customizable Boolean strings to help you organize and enrich candidate profiles. Additionally, it includes a free Chrome extension that enables you to perform customized searches.

SeekOut’s search engine provides over 100 searchable fields. You can customize searches, sort candidates by experience or education, and search for similar candidates.

However, there are limitations. As with any other best AI recruiting tools, you will need to train your team to use the platform. In addition, the process can take a few months to fully integrate. This will require you to collect data and implement new processes.

  • Number of Unique Features

Despite its shortcomings, SeekOut is a good option for companies looking for reliable and best AI recruiting tools that will help them find the perfect candidates. Also, it has a number of unique features that are unavailable on competing platforms.

Among other benefits, it supports custom filtering. For example, you can sort and organize candidate profiles by location, job title, and education. Moreover, you can use the platform’s built-in security clearance to search for candidates with U.S. federal government security clearance.


One of the best AI recruiting tools is AmazingHiring. It allows you to search for candidates across a variety of social networks and major professional communities. You can then filter the list by various criteria. And when you are ready to contact them, you can execute multi-stage email sequences.

Another great feature of AmazingHiring is that it uses AI to sort candidates by consolidated rating. That means that you will only reach out to the most qualified candidates. The technology also helps you find links to social profiles and professional communities.

  • AmazingHiring’s Chrome Extension

Another great feature of AmazingHiring’s chrome extension is that you can search candidates’ backgrounds from your inbox. For instance, if you know their GitHub account, you can pull their online work out of the system. Moreover, you can use the extension to update their prospect data in your ATS.

SeekOut AI is a talent search engine that reportedly delivers access to hundreds of millions of candidates. But, there are some caveats. For example, it claims to be able to provide access to more than 100 searchable fields. So, you might not get results that are right for your organization.

Fetcher is another best AI recruiting tools for finding candidates. This tool identifies candidates by keyword matches and learns from their preferences. Some users say it’s easy to use. They can also use it to schedule appointments.

Arya is a next-generation AI candidate sourcing solution. It uses the open web and the latest in artificial intelligence to find and engage the best talent for your open positions. In addition, it can provide predictive analytics and data-driven insights. Whether you’re an in-house recruiter or an RPO firm, it can save you time and money.


There are many best AI recruiting tools available, and each of them can help your hiring team do more in less time. It’s important to know which one will fit your specific needs.

Hiretual is a tool that helps to hire managers screen candidates. During the screening process, the system analyzes and evaluates responses to pre-established questions. These assessments help determine an applicant’s general competencies and soft skills. Moreover, the system compares the answers to a blind data set of millions of responses.

Arya Quantum is a good option for companies that are looking to ramp up their hiring. Its comprehensive features can provide a reliable source of qualified candidates. The pricing is also flexible, based on the number of employees.

  • Talent Sourcing Engine

HireVue is an AI-driven talent-sourcing engine that helps recruiters find and hire qualified candidates. It can pull information from 780 million career profiles and ATS systems. As part of its sourcing tools, the engine also allows recruiters to conduct assessments and outreach.

  • Various Talent Management Tools

Phenom is another AI-based recruiting platform that combines various talent management tools. This includes career pathing, video assessments, referrals, and high-volume hiring. The platform also includes a talent marketplace, CRM, and content management system.

Loxo is a full-featured CRM that enables hiring managers to use AI technology. It provides access to over 530 million verified social media profiles, email addresses, and publicly available data sets.

Eightfold’s AI-powered platform enables recruiters to match relevant candidates to jobs. Its algorithms can filter candidate searches by experience level, salary range, and job posting requirements. In addition, it can provide employee coaching and training tools.

The most important factor to consider when choosing an AI-powered recruitment solution is vendor longevity. Besides, it is essential to have a vendor that can provide ongoing data curation and algorithm checks.


Ceipal is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting tool. It has many features to help recruiters find the best candidates for their positions.

CEIPAL’s workforce management technology manages the entire recruitment process, from job posting to passive candidate sourcing to employee-centric onboarding. Using AI, CEIPAL enables companies to hire the right candidates faster and more efficiently.

The system integrates all hiring sources into one talent container. It uses advanced algorithms to assess key demographic gaps and helps organizations identify and engage with diverse talent.

It offers solutions for all industries. Moreover, it is easy to use, and it comes with an intuitive user interface. In addition, it has a very high success rate.

  • Number of Different Integrations

It also supports a number of different integrations, including a mobile app and voice calls. This allows you to easily access your candidate databases, and you can share reports in real-time. You can also integrate with other software, such as Outlook and other job portals.

Another advantage of using this software is that it saves your time. By automating tasks, you can focus on finding the best talent instead of handling all the work.

Ceipal is one of the most cost-effective and best AI recruiting tools of 2022. Depending on your hiring requirements, you can choose a suitable package. There are also free trials available.

With a wide variety of features and a highly intuitive user interface, CEIPAL has the capacity to make your recruitment processes easier. Moreover, the system is built to save your resources. Ultimately, it is designed to help you get more hires, which is the ultimate goal of any staffing company.

CEIPAL’s machine-learning algorithms are demographically aware, and they can be applied to every talent source. For instance, it can read your job descriptions and evaluate the skill set you’re looking for. Based on this information, it can then automatically match candidates to your requirements. Afterward, it can give you a ranked list of those candidates.

Gem Sourcing Tool

Gem is an all-in-one candidate sourcing tool that provides a bird’s eye view of your recruiting pipeline. It’s designed to increase the productivity of your recruiting team.

Gem’s Talent Engagement Platform unifies data from applicant tracking systems (ATS) and social networks. This enables recruiting teams to build predictable hiring outcomes. The software also unifies context and enables recruitment teams to collaborate on candidates.

Gem integrates with ATS, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook. Additionally, it allows users to schedule and automate email campaigns. And its pipeline management feature lets you see and sort candidates based on the stage they’re in.

  • Several Free Trial Opportunities

Gem is known for its customer support. Their help center includes a ‘Getting Started With Gem’ guide. There are also several free trial opportunities. Whether you’re a recruiter or an enterprise looking to source the best talent, Gem can meet your needs.

Another feature to look for is Gem’s analytics. You can use it to find out who’s engaged with your emails and who’s opening them. By breaking down the activity of your outreach, you can determine strategies that drive top-of-funnel engagement.

Gem also provides a free tool called the Gem Extension, which makes information about a candidate available in the Chrome browser. Using the extension, you can search for a specific candidate by name or job title.

Gem’s analytics include an ATS sync, which removes stale candidate data from your ATS. In addition, Gem can be used to replace spreadsheets.

Gem’s pipeline management feature offers a slick way to send personalized follow-ups. If a candidate doesn’t reply to a request, you can use a pre-written rejection template to send an email.

Final Thought:

Gem has also been known to be helpful in contacting large numbers of candidates for a project. For example, Gem’s Chrome extension builds lists of candidates to import into your ATS. For more about recruiting tools click here.