Main Facets of Dragon Ball Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse

There are three main facets of Dragon Ball Multiverse: the Characters, Artwork, and Storyline. However, the game fails to account for its biggest drawback: ki drain. The stronger you are, the quicker your ki will drain. It also fails to account for the drawbacks of other characters, like U13 Vegeta, who died when facing Raichi. Another problem with the game is that it lacks balance, resulting in many players dying prematurely. For example, U13 Vegeta was almost killed by Raichi, while U13 Kakarotto is an axe-crazy axe-slinger. The game was unable to make up for these problems, and after the second round, all dead players were wished back by the Dragon Balls.

Unique Role in the Story

There are several characters in the Dragon Ball Multiverse, and each has a unique role in the story. Some are more powerful than others. Some are only able to fight a single enemy, while others can take on many foes at once. Here are some of the most notable characters from the series.

Gowasu: The Supreme Kai of Universe 10 and a member of the Ginyu Force, Gowasu is an extremely tactical and resourceful humanoid. He is one of the few remaining Saiyans after Planet Vegeta was destroyed. He is very powerful and has a knack for finding the weakest targets. Gowasu once kidnapped Gohan and ordered him to kill 100 Earthlings within a day. In the series, Goku and Piccolo team up to defeat him. Using a Makankosappo technique, they defeat him.

Large Cast of Characters

The Dragon Ball Multiverse has a large cast of characters, with different personalities. Some carry over from the original Dragon Ball series, while others are entirely new. While the majority of characters carry over from the Dragon Ball universe, there are some standout moments. In particular, the show demonstrates the diverse nature of the Saiyan race and the diversity of the Taipon.

The original Porunga was voiced by Junpei Takiguchi but has been replaced by a variety of actors over the years. He is a very popular character in the Dragon Ball fandom and was even voted the favorite replacement for Mr. Buu by a V-Jump poll, which was conducted before the Tournament of Power storyline.

Comic Book-Based Series

Dragon Ball Multiverse is a comic book based on the Dragon Ball series. The series explores what-if scenarios for various Dragon Ball characters and also brings back fan favorites. Although the storyline is similar to that of Dragon Ball Super, there are some differences in the two series. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the main differences between the two.

At the turn of the millennium, information about Dragon Ball was scarce. The show had already debuted in Japanese before its English-language premiere on Cartoon Network’s Toonami, and fans had only recently learned about the concept of Super Saiyan 1. The concept of Super Saiyan 2 and 3 was merely heard of, and their images were incorporated into a patchwork timeline.

Alternate Histories of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Multiverse features 20 different universes, with most of the universes being alternate histories of Dragon Ball. The “main” universe is Universe 18, but there are also many alternate universes, which differ from each other in storylines. In terms of art, the comic’s strongest points are the beautifully drawn fight scenes.

The art in this series is quite unique. It features artwork from Gogeta Jr., Asura, Beta, Zettoshonen, and Ume. While the main story is told in the main story, the different universes follow their own storylines and have different characters defeating different enemies. For instance, Vegeta defeats Cell in one universe, while Piccolo defeats Cell in another. Each universe also features different endings, meaning that different characters in different universes could have different endings.

The storyline of the Multiverse Series

The Storyline of Dragon Ball Multiverse is a series of anime episodes set in a parallel universe. While many of the episodes take place before the new Dragon Ball content started, some of them are different from the original. For example, the second part of the story has the same characters, but the events are different. Goku’s mother is shown to be an action mom. Bardock and Hanasia are also seen as action moms.

Unlike the previous series, the second season of Dragon Ball Multiverse follows Goku’s adventures. As part of the story, Goku encounters an evil character called Cold. This character was a strong opponent for Goku but eventually lost to his combined beams. The third season has a more ambiguous storyline, but some fans are still excited to find out how this series ends.

Multiverse has Several Alternate Universes

Dragon Ball Multiverse has several alternate universes, each with a different storyline. One of the main universes is called Universe 18, while the other universes are “what-if” scenarios based on the main storyline of the Dragon Ball series. In these alternate universes, different characters fight different enemies, with different results. In one universe, Vegeta defeats Cell, while in another, Piccolo defeats the same enemy.

Dragon Ball Multiverse is an ongoing webcomic that first appeared in March 2008. The comic was created by Saligar and Gogeta Jr., but later Asura was added to the project. The plot is similar to the tournament of power arc in Super, with Goku and his friends discovering parallel universes and receiving an invitation to participate in a multiversal tournament.

“Supreme Universe” & “Ultimate Universe”

In the Dragon Ball Multiverse, there are twelve different universes that the characters can visit. Each one is characterized by a particular trait and is generally similar to its counterpart. Universes 1 and 12 are referred to as the “Supreme Universe” and “Ultimate Universe”, respectively. Universes 4 and 9 are referred to as the “Underhanded Universe” and Universe 10 is referred to as the “Macho Universe”. In addition, the Omni-King assigns a “mortal level” to each universe, based on the average sentience of the worlds in each universe.

Despite the series’ popularity, the Dragon Ball Multiverse is largely based on fiction, rather than reality. Many of the universes are based on alternate histories, which contrast with the storyline of the original series. Universe 18 is considered the “main” universe, and most of the other universes are “what if” scenarios based on the Dragon Ball plot.

Gohan & Cell’s Battle

In Universes 17 and 18, the androids are still causing havoc. Gohan and Cell’s battle in Universe 17 led to the creation of these two androids. Despite Trunks’ heroic efforts, they are unlikely to have been able to save this world. In Universe 17, Android 17 and 18 were probably responsible for destroying the cell labs, so Trunks has no way of preventing them from destroying Earth. However, in Universe 18, the planets of the Kaios are intact, and the Kaios have not released Bojack and his crew.

The Dragon Ball Multiverse has a long history and was first published in March 2008. The creators of the fan comic were Salagir and Gogeta Jr. However, in 2012, these creators left the project and Asura took over. The plot of Dragon Ball Multiverse is similar to the Super arc’s tournament of power, with Goku and his friends discovering different universes. They are then invited to participate in a multiversal tournament.

Character Transformations

The Dragon Ball Multiverse is a fan-made web comic that takes place 10 years after Dragon Ball Z. The plot follows Goku and Vegeta, who is approached by a group called Vargas who has discovered a way to travel through alternate universes. The group wants to host a tournament to determine which fighters are the best. With the many transformations available, this webcomic is sure to provide viewers with a lot of fun and challenge. If you like the Ultimate Showdown or “What If?” stories, Dragon Ball Multiverse may be right for you.

Character transformations occur when characters change their bodies to better suit their abilities. They can gain additional strength, energy, or speed by transforming. There are three different types of Transformations: Alternate Forms, Enhancement Powers, and Manifested Powers. Legendary Forms are the ultimate transformations, but they are difficult to obtain and contain special rules.

Initially, Universe 20 was nearly identical to Universe 18. In Universe 20, Goku and Cell were victorious and Buu reincarnated as Uub. But, the divergence took a long time to manifest. Luckily, the U9 team did not have to wait that long to learn about Universe 20’s history.


In the Dragon Ball Multiverse, Majin Buu had many forms, and he was a master of transformation. He could be fought with, fought, and reason with other characters. While he was a powerful warrior, Majin Buu is not nearly as powerful as Vegeta, and can’t be reasoned with like Super Buu. In this form, Goku is able to hit Beerus and ring out Kefla. For more interesting articles visit On Trending News.