Google Gravity: Top 6 Google Magic Tricks That Actually Work

Google Gravity

Google is the number one search engine in the world, and it has many cool tricks. One of the coolest tricks is Google gravity, which causes your homepage elements to fall. This effect is surprisingly realistic. It even works with other websites, so you may even find yourself falling for it yourself.

Google Barrel Roll Trick

Google has created a cool trick that lets you spin the search results in a barrel when you click the enter key. When the results stop rolling after one spin, they return to their original position. The trick is based on a star-flying airplane technique that dates back to World War I. It was also featured in the 1993 Super Nintendo console game, Star Fox.

It works only with certain types of queries, so if you type anything else, your results will remain unchanged. Moreover, the barrel roll effect only works for Google and not on other search engines. You can also use this trick to spin the web page or search results and see how they appear. You can repeat this trick as many times as you like.

The trick has been popular since the release of Google’s new browser. It involves submitting a phrase or two, which is similar to the word “do a barrel roll” in a search engine. The phrase spins the screen for about five seconds. The search result is then presented. For example, typing “what sound does a dog make” will return results with the sound “woof”. Similarly, typing “what sound does a duck make” will give you results containing a “woof” sound.

You can also perform the trick using the “barrel roll” Star Fox move. The barrel roll is a Google easter egg, and works only with the search engine. Once activated, you will be able to rotate the entire page 360 degrees while making yourself happy for about 5 seconds. It is a fun trick, and it is worth trying.

This game is easy to play on any device, including smartphones and tablets. The object is to roll the barrel a hundred times in a row. To do this, you will have to click on the “start” button and follow the instructions. You will see a counter as you go, so you can see how many times you’ve completed this trick.

One thing to note is that the barrel roll speed is fairly fast. Doing it ten times in one go will take you between 15 and 20 seconds. If you perform it a hundred times, it will take about 200 to 250 seconds to do so. And remember that this can make you dizzy if repeated too often.

Google Anagram Trick

You may have heard of the Google Gravity anagram trick, but are you sure it actually works? This trick works by making your computer display a page with jumbled elements. You can still sign in, access contacts, and search for whatever you want to. However, the site will appear with spaces between words.

First, Google will show you the wrong results when you try to search for anagrams. If you try to type nag a ram, you’ll get the wrong answer. It’s unclear why this happens. It is possible that a user accidentally enters a word that is anagram of another one.

Google also enjoys making fun of anagram searches. Sometimes, they will suggest an anagram for your search. For instance, if you typed in the word “anagram”, you will be asked if you meant to type “nag a ram.” Then, Google will offer you a ram that is rearranged to form “anagram”. You can also use Google Images to find anagrams of words.

Another fun Google trick is the barrel roll search. It used to be a global trend and is designed for a little fun. After you type in “nag a ram”, Google will spin the results page. Once the results page has finished spinning, Google will ask you if you meant “nag a ram.” If you reply “yes”, it will load a calculator with the answer 42.

There’s one more Google trick that’s equally amusing: Google Space. Also known as Google Zero Gravity, Google Anti-Gravity, and Google Zero Gravity, this is another great trick for fans of superheroes. This trick requires you to spend a few seconds finding a menu on your browser. The trick also requires you to be patient while it works.

Google Underwater Trick

You’ve probably seen these tricks before, but did you know that you can use them too? Google has a variety of fun tricks that let you simulate zero gravity. Google’s “Google Underwater” feature is particularly fun, and it simulates what it would be like to float in space. It’s a bit mind-boggling, but it’s really quite relaxing.

Google’s “gravity” trick isn’t a true magic trick. The fact is that it can be easily performed without any prior experience, even if you’re not an IT professional. You can perform this trick by removing the two “Os” from the Google logo. You can read more about it on the website called Dark Arts Media.

Google Gravity: Google’s built-in calculator understands a lot of math, including arithmetic equations. It’s also possible to translate an equation by using Google’s calculator. Using this trick, you can quickly find the correct answer for any question in your head. This trick is one of the most popular and effective.

Google Recursion Trick

Google Gravity: Google has a cool trick that displays a mirror image of your search results. This is called a recursion trick, and it’s a very fun one. If you’re an IT geek, you’ll enjoy this one. Basically, you type in a phrase like “butterfly” and Google will provide you with results that are a mirror image.

Google Gravity: Another trick is to try Google’s “Epic” Google feature. This trick will display a big “Epic” stamp at the top of your search results. It appears in full size when you click on it, but it looks funny at first. This trick is quite addictive.

Google Flip a Coin Trick

Flip a coin: Flipping a coin can be a fun Google trick. It’s possible to flip a coin by typing, or even by speaking into Google Assistant. You can also use Google’s search function to roll dice. This trick is especially fun if you have a small child who wants to try a trick.

Google Anti-Gravity Trick

The Google Gravity trick actually works. Google Gravity simulates the effect of gravity by placing various elements on the screen upside down. These elements may be images or even a search tab. After a short time, the objects will disappear. It’s an interesting effect that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

In order to use Google Gravity trick, go to and search for your desired keywords. Once you’ve typed in the term, click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. This will take you to the Google zero gravity page. You can then look at the floating content to see how it works.

Another trick to make Google pages float is by using the Google Gravity Underwater feature. This feature lets you see the web content on a floating browser. If you’re on a boat or in the ocean, you’ll notice that the content on the screen will be upside down and inverted. You’ll see the effects of the trick in the screenshot below.

Another fun trick from Google is the “Google mirror” function. This trick lets you see the Google site from a completely different perspective. The result is a mirror version of all search results, which is a neat effect. You can also use the Elgoog Gravity app, which provides several tricks.

Last Words:

Google makes fun of itself. The search tab includes the “did you mean” section. This section has the same spelling as your search query and looks like something from the 80s. The “did you mean” section of Google looks a little like a command prompt window. Basically, if you typed in “one in a blue moon” on the Google search bar, the “did you mean” section will appear. You’ll see the same search results as before, but in a much more humorous way.