Legacy Community Health Center Receives Donation From CareSource Bayou Health

Legacy Community Health

The largest gift in the organization’s 40-year history will fill a gap in underserved communities throughout Texas. It will help provide primary care for children and adults, pediatric and specialty care, and support through Legacy Community Health. The donation will also equip the medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology and a welcoming atmosphere.

Local Clinical Expertise of Legacy Community Health

Known for its mission-driven approach, CareSource Bayou Health combines the expertise of 30 years in managed health plans with the local clinical expertise of Legacy Community Health to serve the health care needs of Texans. The partnership focuses on improving health outcomes and reducing friction in the delivery of health care for Medicaid recipients.

The partnership between CareSource and Legacy Community Health has been in the works for nearly a year. Officials expect to award contracts in late 2023 or early 2024. This is an excellent choice for both organizations, which align their expertise. Legacy Community Health is the largest federally qualified health center in Texas, with 50 clinics in the Gulf Coast area.

The Largest Medicaid Managed Care Plans

In May 2018, CareSource named Erhardt Preitauer as the new CEO. He had previously led Horizon NJ Health. He was recognized as one of the top 20 most-rated CEOs by Glassdoor. Erhardt Preitauer was included on the list of CEOs of 1,000-employee companies. His company was also featured on CEO Today’s Healthcare Awards edition, which recognized best-in-class operations and low costs.

CareSource is a national health care provider and one of the largest Medicaid managed care plans. In addition to Louisiana, the company also covers nearly 2 million people in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. August, CareSource announced that it would begin serving Medicaid members in Mississippi. In addition, the company announced a partnership with TrueCare, which owns nearly 60 Mississippi hospitals.

Beaumont & Baytown Clinics

Legacy Community Health Center is a full-service Federally Qualified Health Center focusing on client-centered programs. Founded in 1990, the nonprofit offers primary care services for adults, pediatrics, behavioral health services, dental care, vision care, and comprehensive HIV/AIDS care. The clinic is also affiliated with United Way.

  • Legacy is an established nonprofit health care organization serving thousands of people throughout south and southeast Texas.
  • It offers primary care, pediatrics, maternity, geriatrics, dental care, immunizations, and behavioral health. It also has campuses in Baytown and Beaumont.
  • In Beaumont, Legacy took over an established pediatric practice and a long-standing behavioral health practice.

In Beaumont, Legacy began offering HIV testing and counseling services, while its Baytown clinic is opened for business. In addition, the company hosted Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who spoke to community workers about the Affordable Care Act. Legacy also began a quiet phase of a $15 million capital campaign to build two clinic facilities in southwest Houston. In Baytown, Legacy opened the first Bridge to Care clinic within the CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth St. Mary hospital.

Expanding Presence in Greater Houston Area

Legacy community health is expanding its presence in the Greater Houston area with plans to open two new clinic facilities, one in southwest Houston and one in the Fifth Ward. It already has 16 school-based clinics and is active in public policy. It publicly opposed the policy of family separation at the border and recently teamed up with director Richard Linklater to produce ads promoting the rights of the transgender community.

The expanded clinics will provide expanded healthcare services, including HIV and AIDS care. The new facility will have 33,500 square feet of space and will feature retail pharmacies, clinics for children and adolescents, and social services. In addition to the new clinics, Legacy will also expand its educational offerings and offer a full complement of health and wellness programs.

The Largest Federally Qualified Health Center

Legacy Community Health is the largest federally qualified health center in Texas. The funds will help the organization expand its presence in the Greater Houston area by supporting two new capital projects and providing operating funds to Legacy community health centers in Pasadena and North Houston. The funds will also support the expansion of existing Legacy community health centers by purchasing land for new clinics.

The expansion of Legacy community health will be aimed at increasing access to quality health care for underserved populations. The newly opened clinics will feature state-of-the-art technology and a welcoming environment. They will also provide care without discrimination. The expansion of Legacy community health will benefit underrepresented populations throughout Houston.

Employees’ Political Affiliations

The Legacy Community Health Center is a full-service Federally Qualified Health Center that develops client-centered health care programs. Founded in 1990, it offers pediatric, OB/GYN and maternity care, dental, vision and behavioral health services, and comprehensive HIV/AIDS care.


In August, Legacy Health System announced a new vaccination policy, requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18. The entire series of vaccines must be complete within two weeks of each other. Legacy Health System has about 14,000 employees, so they need to make sure all employees are fully vaccinated.