NORSTRAT – A Canadian Think Tank That Offers Business and Technology Solutions to a Wide Range of Industries


NORSTRAT is a think tank that offers business and technology solutions to a wide range of industries. They have a mission to help clients find their next picture. The company does this by offering intensive training and marketing solutions workshops. They have worked closely and effectively with a wide range of organizations.

NORSTRAT’S Mission is to Put Clients into Their Next Picture

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. is a Canadian company that was founded by a consortium of retired military, government, and industry personnel. Its core mission is to help its customers implement the Canadian Northern Strategy. The company is currently helmed by a team of 25 consultants whose collective experience spans more than four decades. Its clients include Canadian government agencies, private companies, and non-governmental organizations. Norstrat specializes in market research, market, and organizational analysis, and the design and development of information management systems. Its customers include organizations of all sizes, from major oil and gas companies to high-tech startups. The company was named by Fortune magazine as one of the most promising companies in Canada. Its competitors include several other Canadian firms.

The company’s best-known product is its consulting services. The company is also involved in several high-profile projects including the Victoria Strait Expedition and the aforementioned search for missing Franklin ships. Among its clients are the Canadian Coast Guard, Babcock International, and Kraken Sonar Systems. It is also a major player in the Canadian aerospace industry. Norstrat was founded in the heyday of Canada’s defense and aerospace sectors, so it has had a front-row seat to the evolution of the nation’s defense industry. The company was also a founding member of the Canadian Technology Institute (CTI), a specialized think tank that promotes innovation within the country’s defense and aerospace industries.

NORSTRAT Offers Business & Technology Solutions

NORSTRAT is a company that offers business and technology solutions to a wide range of industries. It was founded by Lee Carson, a well-known name in the American telecommunications industry. Norstrat serves clients in North America and Europe.

Norstrat consultants help companies of all sizes with strategy development and implementation. Their consultants have extensive experience in the industry and can create customized solutions for businesses. Norstrat’s team works closely with clients to ensure results.

Norstrat provides a wide range of services, including digital marketing, leadership development, and training programs. It works with both the public and private sectors. Norstrat has developed a strong relationship with the federal government, military agencies, and various private organizations.

The also provides digital marketing services, social media optimization, and strategic communications planning. Norstrat uses innovative technology to provide the best solutions for businesses. It provides comprehensive data on offshore gas and oil exploration.

Norstrat also provides training programs and workshops. These programs are designed to enhance professional skills and promote smart business decisions. It also has a nine-month Partnership and Leadership program that helps companies and individuals gain the skills needed to succeed.

Norstrat serves businesses of all sizes, including startups. It has helped numerous companies grow and expand across the United States. It also has a wide client base, including Airbus Defense and Space, Raytheon Canada Support Services, General Dynamics Canada, Ultra Electronics Marine System, and Kraken Sonar System.

They Use Satellite Pictures to Locate Oil & Gas Resources

Using satellite pictures to locate oil and gas resources is not new. Among the world’s top oilfield explorers, Fugro and Energen are two such companies. However, recent discoveries of gas offshore have revived interest in the Eastern Mediterranean.

One company tasked with tracking the changing conditions of the oil and gas frontier is a Canadian company known as Norstrat. The firm has 25 employees and a revenue figure of less than five million. Aside from being in the business of oil and gas consulting, the firm has a niche in the maritime coastal defense industry. Norstrat’s client list includes Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and United States Navy (USN) submarines. They also provide strategic advice on Canada’s Northern Strategy campaign plan.

Using satellite pictures to locate oil and gas resources is not a new idea, but a newer entrant is attempting to break the mold. In the oil and gas industry, satellite imagery is used to monitor a number of remote facilities. It is also used to assess the oil and gas supply from a bird’s eye perspective. The company is also testing new technologies aimed at boosting exploration and development efficiency. In the aforementioned context, a new research partnership with DTU Space and the National Space Institute is a step in the right direction. Using satellite pictures to locate oil and gas may prove to be the next best thing for a new drilling rig in the field.

They Provide Intensive Training & Marketing Solutions Workshops

NORSTRAT is a leading integrated communications agency that provides comprehensive consulting and marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. Since its founding in 2010, Norstrat has grown to become a reputable strategic consultancy firm with a global presence. The company offers services for a wide range of industries and organizations, including government, military, healthcare, entertainment, consumer items, and financial services.

The firm was originally conceived by abandoned Canadian military personnel and city workers. Norstrat’s mission is to guide leading businesses and organizations, including those in the public, private, and social sectors. Norstrat also offers strategic counsel on a campaign plan and is an industry leader in public relations.

Norstrat’s team of consultants has a wide range of industry expertise and can help businesses with all types of business challenges. They can help businesses develop and implement strategies to improve productivity and sales. They can also help businesses implement new technologies.

Norstrat provides training programs and workshops that are designed to help business owners enhance their work skills. The company also provides leadership software that can help businesses improve their communication and presentation skills.

Norstrat also offers services for startups, SMEs, and government agencies. The company provides marketing strategies, digital marketing plans, and public relations for clients all over the world. The company also provides leadership training for employees and provides consulting for new business owners.

Norstrat has a unique Creative Briefing Center to help businesses develop new marketing and communication strategies. They also work closely with customers to understand their needs and to design solutions that will achieve their business goals.

NORSTRAT has Worked Closely & Effectively

NORSTRAT is a Canadian-based firm that has helped numerous businesses in Canada and the United States grow. It is a multidisciplinary firm that provides solutions for businesses, ranging from small startups to large companies.

The company provides a wide range of services including digital marketing strategies, social media monitoring, and leadership development programs. It also provides public relations and branding services.

The company has been working for over a decade to help companies achieve their business goals. The consultants at Norstrat have extensive experience in the industry, allowing them to provide customized solutions for businesses. In addition, the company has a strong client base, and it is always willing to discuss new ideas with clients.

Norstrat works closely with clients to determine their needs and help them implement plans that will produce results. The firm’s consultants have expertise in various fields, including security, architecture, and IT. They also have a strong knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

The company has also worked with organizations in the aerospace and defense industry. Some of its clients include Airbus Defence and Space and Raytheon Canada Support Services. It is a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, and it can help businesses keep their operations running smoothly.

The firm also offers consulting services for the advertising industry, and its consultants have experience in a wide range of fields, including advertising, marketing, and social media. Its clients include advertising agencies, technology companies, and large businesses.

The Company has a Strong Reputation for Being an Expert

NORSTRAT is a think tank that offers its services to a wide variety of clients. This includes organizations of various sizes, government agencies, and the private sector. Its mission is to provide a variety of solutions to help organizations achieve their goals.

The company has a strong reputation for being an expert in a variety of fields. Some of the services they provide include government relations, marketing strategies, intelligence services, public affairs, exploration, underwater search systems, and project management. Its clients can also expect expert advice on creating a new totem or enforcing a new business strategy.

The company has received over $200 million in Canadian government contracts. It has also helped to shape many world-renowned associations. Its employees are involved in developing advances in many areas, such as underwater search systems and maritime coastal defense vessels. The company has also helped to create many private-sector military productions.

Norstrat is a company that helps companies to grow strategically. The company’s programs are designed for business owners and executives. They offer a nine-month program to help clients develop a Canadian Northern strategy. The program also provides information on social media monitoring, political strategies, and technology advancements.


The company provides its services to companies both in the United States and Canada. It also has offices in more than 150 countries. It has a team of more than 25 employees. Its headquarters are located in Canada. The company has been in business since 1988.