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Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle is a YouTube star and an animal lover. She is 21 years old and was born in the state of Georgia in 2007. She has the zodiac sign of Leo. Her parents are not known but she was raised by her mother Tiffany. The two are passionate about animals and have rescued over 100 cats. Piper also has a pug named Frank Pugan.

Piper Rockelle is a YouTube Star

She is a YouTube star with over seven hundred million views and three million Instagram followers. She is the daughter of Tiffany and Tyler Rockelle. Her mother is an animal rescuer who has rescued more than 100 cats. She also has two half-brothers, Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. Rockelle is of white ethnicity and belongs to the Christian religion.

  • She was born on August 21, 2022, in Georgia, US. She is an American and belongs to the white race and has the zodiac sign of Leo. Since her early childhood, Piper Rockelle has established herself as an internet personality. In addition to YouTube, Piper has appeared in several TV shows and short films.
  • She is also an actress, singer, and dancer. Her YouTube channel was launched in November 2016 and has received over 1.8 billion views. She has also taken ballet and gymnastics lessons and has dabbled in modeling and beauty content. While her videos are popular with her followers, she has also been accused of sexual abuse.
  • While she is a YouTube star, she also has a fan-base on other social networks. She has appeared in several fashion shows, has a large social media following, and has also collaborated with Sophie Fergi and Frank Pugan. She has worked with many well-known artists, and has been recognized by numerous awards.
  • Piper earns money through brand sponsorships and production opportunities. She has a successful YouTube channel, with over 9 million subscribers. She also owns her own clothing line.

She Makes Money in Several Ways

YouTube star Piper Rockelle is known for her funny videos. She has more than nine million subscribers and has a variety of content. The actress and model is also an actress and has appeared in several films. She played Daphne in Dark Eyes and Chicken Girls. Rockelle earns a lot of money from her videos, and she makes money in several ways. She receives affiliate commissions and can secure brand sponsorships. As a social media star with millions of views, Piper can earn a lot of money. Major brands prefer to work with people who can generate large amounts of traffic.

Piper Rockelle’s real name is Piper Rockelle Smith. She was raised by her mother after her father was unemployed. She has two brothers, Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. Her mother homeschooled her. She joined YouTube on Nov. 29, 2016, and has over 730 million views.

She Has Sung Several Songs

Besides posting funny videos, Rockelle also posts do-it-yourself projects and challenges. She is a talented dancer, and has a channel dedicated to it and she has competed in dance competitions and has a huge following on YouTube. She has also starred in several films, including Chicken Girls (2018) and Mani.

Piper Rockelle is an American social media influencer. She has sung several songs, including “It’s Christmas!” and “Treat Myself.” Rockelle uses social media to promote her videos and interact with her fans. She refers to her fans as “Piperrazzi.” Piper Rockelle was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

Piper started her channel in late 2016. She has over nine million subscribers and two billion views. She posts prank videos, vlogs, and music videos. Her videos are hilarious and have received a lot of attention.

She is Dating YouTube Star Gavin Magnus

There are many rumors about Piper Rockelle dating YouTube star Gavin Magnus, but the truth is somewhat complicated. It is not clear how they met, but the two have been seen together on various occasions, including the release of a music video in which Gavin is spotted handcuffing Piper’s sibling Lev.

While both Lev and Piper Rockelle have a lot of fans, the truth is that they have been dating for a while. However, the two have broken up in the past. Gavin claimed that Piper’s mother was the reason for the breakup, claiming that she would curse at him. This claim is disputed by Gavin’s mother, who defended him. Regardless, the couple reunited on August 1st, 2021.

Before the relationship started, Piper and Gavin were regular collaborators on YouTube. Most of their videos focused on their relationship. However, the couple had a breakup in July. The breakup reportedly happened because of some conflict, including violent behavior. Piper’s brother also filmed a video showing Piper and Gavin handcuffed together.

They Met at a Talent Show in California

The two met at a talent show in California. Although they aren’t married, they share a very close relationship. Piper has a huge following on YouTube. However, she is still pursuing her acting career. She has been in a number of television shows and has appeared in several short films. She also has a YouTube channel and has nearly 10 million subscribers.

Gavin Magnus’ parents are Dave and Theresa Magnus. He is a successful singer and joined the Rock, Your Hair team in 2018. His rendition of “Senorita” on YouTube has been watched over 50 million times. The young star also starred in Dreamworks’ TV series When Sports Collide. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

She Has a Deep Affinity for Animals

Piper Rockelle has a deep affinity for animals. In fact, she has adopted several animals over the years, including a kitten she found in her car. She and her mother named the kitten Thirteen. She is also an avid hiker, and her favorite activities include playing basketball and skateboarding.

In addition to being an actress, Rockelle is a YouTuber who has over 9.4 million subscribers. She has also starred in several movies, including Dark Eyes and Chicken Girls. She also has a pet pug named Frank Pugan and once owned sixteen cats. Her passion for animals has resulted in a thriving YouTube channel with funny and cute content.

Piper Rockelle is an animal lover who loves dogs. In addition to having a pet dog, she has clipped parrots and ducklings, and has rescued more than 500 cats. She was raised by a single mother, but her biological father abandoned her when she was a child. Many years later, he returned to visit her. Besides her love of animals, Piper loves makeup and bath candles.

She also loves to buy clothes and accessories she also enjoys dressing up for Halloween. She has a huge fan following on her YouTube channel. Her videos have amassed millions of views. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and she is a dedicated animal lover who shares a great bond with her siblings.

She Announced her Pregnancy in May 2022

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Piper Rockelle is not pregnant. The singer-actress has been dating Lev Cameron Khmelev for two years and announced her pregnancy in May 2022. However, just a few months prior, Piper posted a video of herself cheating on her boyfriend. The video was later revealed to be a prank.

The singer-actor was born on 21st August 2007 in the United States. While growing up, she enjoyed singing, dancing, and gymnastics. She also ran a small cat rescue home, where she saved more than 100 kittens. She also held a pregnancy test kit. While this is not proof of her pregnancy, it is a clear sign that the singer-actress is not pregnant.

Her Net Worth is Estimated at $3 Million

Although Piper is 15 years old, she is very close to her family. Her mother and two brothers are very close to her, and she has only met her father a few times in her life. Her net worth is estimated at $3 million. Despite her lack of a baby bump, she still has a lot of fans online.

In a recent lawsuit, her children are claiming that she mistreated them, including sexually explicit comments directed at them. They are also demanding punitive and compensatory damages, attorney’s fees, and any other just relief under California law. These allegations are the latest twist in an ongoing controversy involving Piper’s mother.

Last Words:

In addition to being a popular YouTube star, Piper Rockelle has a net worth of $2 million. Her videos on the video-sharing website have received millions of views. In the meantime, she has been earning from her career in the entertainment industry by appearing in various films.