Contact Information for the Mississippi Department of Education

Mississippi Department of Education

In Mississippi, the State Education Agency is called the Department of Education. Its headquarters are located in the former Central High School building in Jackson. Contact information for the Mississippi Department of Education can be found below. Here, we will discuss who they are and their responsibilities. We will also explain how to contact them if you have any questions. This article is a guide for people interested in learning more about education in Mississippi.

State Education Agency in Mississippi

The State Board of Education oversees the operation of the Mississippi Department of Education, which is responsible for setting policy and also appointing the Education State Superintendent. The agency has several priorities. One priority is to increase educational equity, which includes ensuring that the state has sufficient resources to educate all of its children. The board must establish and maintain an effective management system for the department and ensure that all of its employees have adequate training. The board must also develop and maintain a system-wide plan of performance and policy, and use all resources of the department to enhance technical assistance to school districts.

In addition to providing a well-rounded education to its citizens, the state is expected to contribute to the development of social efficiency and also a sense of civic duty. Peer groups are formed by equal-ranking older boys and girls, and are important parts of education. Peer groups are also critical in promoting a culture of higher learning. It is expected that children will learn better if they have an understanding of their social responsibility.

Appointing a Board of Education Member

In addition to appointing a Board of Education member, the State Board of Education also has a commission on teacher and administrator education. This commission makes recommendations to the State Board of Education for continuing professional development. The Commission also helps the State Board of Education determine the budget for the department. The commission is made up of representatives of the state’s school systems, including public school districts. The members of the board serve four-year terms.

The Mississippi Department of Education administers several other laws. For example, section 37-13-173 requires parents to be given a notice of a teacher’s plan before instruction on human sexuality occurs in public schools. Section 37-15-1 is also related to the transfer of student records. The Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law requires public schools to maintain records of students who have been expelled. Section 37-15-11 requires that a parent accompany a child when seeking enrollment.

Dispute Between an Educator & Employer

A dispute between an educator and their employer requires an administrative hearing. The commission must review the complaint and decide whether the educator should be granted a license. If a person is denied a license, the agency may appeal the decision to the State Board of Education. The state board of education may reverse the commission’s decision and remand the case back to the commission. If the agency rejects the appeal, the aggrieved party may appeal to the State Board of Education.

The State Department of Education is responsible for making payments to school districts and charter schools. In addition to the federal and state funding, the department has a legal duty to assess and distribute the money to the charter schools. Charter schools must report on the amount of federal and state aid that they receive. The payments must be calculated based on the estimated number of students. When in conflict with other laws, the provisions of this act are the controlling law.


The Responsibilities of the Mississippi Department Of Education (MDE) are a critical aspect of education in the state. The office oversees all activities and projects for the MDE. The Educ-Deputy State Superintendent, also known as Chief Academic Officer, is responsible for all of MDE’s educational projects, including special education and public schools. Listed below are some of the responsibilities of the MDE.

The main role of the Department of Education in Mississippi is to educate the children of the state and prepare them for college or a career. As such, it strives to make sure every student is prepared for college or a career, and that every teacher is effective and efficient. There are several components to a successful Department of Education. It is responsible for planning and implementing curriculum, and ensuring all teachers meet the goals of each program.

Providing Quality Public Education

In addition to education, the department is responsible for promoting public participation in school programs. Johanna Thompson served as the Director of Public Education & Community Engagement, where she developed strategies to educate Mississippians on a variety of topics. She was originally from Brandon, Mississippi, but now resides in Jackson. Her position in the Department of Education will continue to grow. And as for Johanna Thompson, she is a seasoned professional.

In addition to providing quality public education, the Mississippi Department of Education works closely with the State Board of Education. The Mississippi State Board of Education approves rules and policies for the agency. While the Mississippi Department of Education is independent of the state’s legislature, it is responsible for managing its operations and budget. The department has many other responsibilities, including assessing teacher effectiveness. The Mississippi Department of Education also oversees teacher certification and quality, as well as regulating the accreditation of public schools.

Contact Information

You may be looking for contact information for the Mississippi Department of Education. If you do, you can find it online. You can also find its mailing address and website. For more information, visit the department’s customer support and also training intranet. The department encourages employees to use this service whenever possible. Listed below are the main points to contact the Mississippi Department of Education. To contact the department, you must have an employee identification number.

Last Words:

The Mississippi Department of Education is a state owned educational government agency. It has its headquarters in Jackson and is governed by a nine-member State Board of Education. The Board appoints the State Superintendent of Education. The Board also sets public education policy for the state. The department has several priorities. Below, you’ll find contact information for the department’s leadership. The Mississippi Department of Education oversees over 150 public schools throughout the state. read more