Verto Education Program – Study Abroad With a Gap Year

Verto Education

The Verto Education program is designed to help students spend their first year or semester abroad without the typical “gap” year. This program offers financial aid and partnerships with 45 colleges and universities. Read on to learn more about this program and how it can help you prepare for college. To apply to Verto, fill out an application form. Once you’ve completed the application process, you’ll be notified of your acceptance within three weeks.

Verto is a “Gap Year without the Gap”

The Verto Education program blends study abroad with a gap year. Students can spend an entire year exploring the world while earning college credits. Credits earned through Verto are transferable to over 45 universities. This program helps students start college confidently and graduate within four years. Students can enroll in courses while they are abroad and earn up to 16 general education credits per semester. They can spend one semester in a different country, including Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii.

Students are fresh out of high school and don’t yet know what they want to study or do with their lives. For many, studying abroad can reorient their perspective and help them decide what they want to do. While studying abroad, students can also earn college credit while remaining on track to graduate. Unlike other programs, Verto helps students take a gap year abroad without sacrificing their academic progress and financial aid.

Verto Partner Universities

In addition to classroom study, Global Impact Year students will study abroad in New Zealand, Spain, London, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Credits earned during the Global Impact Year program transfer to Verto partner universities. The program is designed for students with low income and meets their financial needs by providing full grant funding. By the time the program has ended, students will have gained their first internship with the Verto network.

To apply to the Verto Education program, students must submit their high school transcripts and letters of recommendation. They will hear back from partner colleges at about the same time as regular college applications. By applying for both programs at the same time, students will have multiple options in case their first choice doesn’t work out. If you don’t get accepted, the Verto education program is a great alternative.

It Allows Students to Spend Their First Semester or Full Year Abroad

A Verto Education program enables first-year college students to spend their first semester or entire year abroad. This program offers students the opportunity to study abroad in small, interactive classes and earn twelve to sixteen college credits. It partners with colleges and universities in forty-five states, Washington, D.C., and four countries. The courses students take are focused on the skills, interests, and cultural experiences students can gain from the experience.

Applicants must submit high school transcripts to Verto Education. Certain partner colleges may also require essays and letters of recommendation. However, students do not need to take standardized tests in order to apply. After applying, students receive acceptance letters from the partner colleges within three weeks. Then, the next step is to decide if Verto is a good fit for them. If the college accepts your application, you can begin studying abroad without any problems.

Verto’s Programs have Several Advantages

First of all, students who are eligible for Verto Education’s scholarships and grants are automatically considered for a reduced tuition rate. These funds can cover the entire cost of an entire semester or even a full year. Second, students can apply for a scholarship to fund their study abroad experience. If you qualify for the Opportunity Grant, your cost of the Verto semester could decrease by as much as six7%. The Verto financial aid website has a scholarship calculator that will help you calculate how much your savings would be for a Verto program.

Verto Education provides credit for the course work you take while abroad. These credits transfer directly into the college’s freshman requirements. In addition, many Verto courses will fulfill college general education requirements. Freshman Writing Seminar, Language Classes, and Natural Sciences are popular courses. Students can earn up to 16 college credits each semester through Verto Education. Additionally, these credits will count toward graduation requirements at their partner college. However, if the program isn’t in your home country, you will need to take a deferral of enrollment or look into the credit transfer process with the college where you’re enrolling.

It Offers Financial Aid

Verto Education provides financial aid to students to attend the college of their choice. They partner with 45 colleges in 20 states, Washington, D.C., and four other countries, offering students more options to choose a college or university. Financial aid options include Pell Grants, subsidized loans, and state aid. In addition, students are eligible for several external scholarships. Because Verto is an accredited college, payments to Verto can be viewed as a qualified educational expense.

Students can choose from four different programs offered by Verto Education, including a gap year program. Some programs include destination excursions, classroom education, and language training. They may also participate in a two-week summit. Programs may include travel by van, bus, airplane, or local transit. The company’s Change the World program is an academically rigorous honors program that offers capstone projects, leadership development training, seminars, and academic mentorship. After the program, participants are guaranteed a summer internship with a member of the Verto network.

Application Process for Verto Education

The application process for Verto Education is similar to that for a regular college or university. Students should complete a FAFSA and choose their top five partner universities. Some partner universities may require additional materials, including essays or letters of recommendation. Once a student has submitted all required materials, they will receive an admissions decision within a week. If they qualify, financial aid is provided for all three of these programs. If you receive a grant, your tuition fees can be waived or greatly reduced.

Although Verto Education does not provide financial aid to all students, the program is more affordable than many study abroad semesters. Many colleges and universities require students to pay full tuition for every semester, so participating in Verto can save you money. Additionally, Verto provides students with the opportunity to get college credit. In addition to financial aid, Verto partners with universities so that participants earn college credit, and the program does not require students to purchase books or plane tickets.

It Partners with 45 Colleges

The study abroad program of Verto Education combines a semester of distance learning with a two-week summit and a semester abroad. Students can earn college credits through academic providers while they are abroad. The company is reshaping higher education by creating new pathways for students to complete their degrees. Interested students can contact Verto education to learn more about their programs. This article was updated to clarify pricing and correct the number of partner colleges.

Currently, Verto Education is partnered with 45 colleges and universities. The partners are diverse in size and selectivity, ranging from Bucknell in Pennsylvania to Case Western in Ohio and Grinnell, Iowa, and William and Mary in Virginia. However, there are no limits on the number of non-partner colleges Verto partners with. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree through Verto, consider checking out the program’s website.

As a student, you can also take advantage of financial aid and a gap year through Verto Education. The program has partnered with 45 colleges nationwide, but it isn’t available in all states. It’s important to note that your school’s financial aid requirements may vary, and that you’ll need to arrange your own flights and textbooks. Despite the lack of a gap year, it’s possible to earn college credits while abroad.

Its Curriculum is Accredited

Students can earn 16 college credits per semester while studying at Verto. Each location offers four courses – two general education and two country-specific. Students must complete a college-level writing course and a course on identity and politics. This curriculum addresses the common concern of parents about the credit-worthiness of their child’s gap-year study abroad. It also offers flexibility and cross-cultural experiences that are invaluable for students.

In addition to academic standards, the curriculum of Verto is accredited by accredited U.S. institutions. These institutions award the credits and maintain official academic records. The institution oversees course offerings, faculty hiring, and academic policies. The University of New Haven, one of the world’s most experienced educational providers, provides oversight for Verto programs. The university is ranked highly by The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report, which recognize Verto’s quality education programs.

General Education Credits & Elective Credits

Students enrolled in the Verto Education program earn general education credits and elective credits while studying abroad. Admission is rolling, but prospective students should apply by August 1 for fall enrollment. The college prioritizes small class sizes and cultural immersion. Applicants who are looking for a study abroad experience should select the college as their partner college and apply to the Verto Education program. You’ll receive an email confirmation of acceptance. This will allow you to start preparing for your trip.


The college’s curriculum is crafted around cultural immersion and project-based learning, which help students bring the educational content to life. Students also gain clarity on their academic interests while completing a Verto course. Courses may include Introduction to Business in London, Spanish Language in Madrid, and Cultural Anthropology in Fiji. Additionally, students can apply for a study abroad program by selecting Lycoming College as a partner college.