Popular Pakistani Bowlers of All Times


The moment we talk about Pakistan cricket, the current crop of fast bowlers comes to the fore. It is fair to say that fast bowlers have always been the strength of the Pakistan team. If you watch a live cricket score video, you will see that their fast bowlers have enabled them to win a lot of games. Below are some of the greatest fast bowlers of the decade, and also you will be surprised to see that the list does have a few household names on it.

The Pakistan cricket team has developed talented cricketers who can swing and seam the ball both ways. A few of the bowlers have emerged and also have gone on to replicate the success of the earlier players. The paces could cash in on the advantages of the wickets and also conditions. Some of them have outswingers and a reverse swing. Let us consider some of the popular Pakistan bowlers who are known for their seam and swing.

Imran Khan

He went on to inspire the next generation of players to take up pace bowling. In fact, he is termed the greatest of all time. The pace was really tricky to handle, and his die-hard attitude was the first thing that came to mind. He was a great fast bowler who went on to claim six wickets for 14 runs in a one-day international at Sharjah. Among the bowlers who have gone on to claim to have captured the maximum number of wickets against India, his name is right up there.

Sarfaraz Nawaz

He is the pioneer of the reverse swing and, irrespective of the type of wicket, had a major role to play in its introduction. With the speed generated in his forearms along with the reverse swing, he went on to dismantle numerous opponents. Even on the slow wickets, he had the ability to extract a tremendous amount of pace. In 90 test matches, he took 177 wickets. On the other hand, his nine wickets against Australia would be among the best.

Fazal Mahmood

It would be difficult to compare his numbers with the older or current crop of players, as hardly any cricket was played in the period of the 1950s and 1960s. But still, he went on to inspire the next generation of bowlers with his pace and swing. In overcast conditions, his leg cutters were equally penetrative, and with his extensive spells, he went on to win matches against India alone. In 34 tests, he went on to take 139 wickets.

Wasim Akram

He is one of the fastest bowlers in world cricket and on his given day may turn out to be a match winner. The pace with which he swung the ball was really hard for the batsman to encounter, and accuracy was his major strength. He was brutal with his fast action, and his aggressive approach helped him play with a degree of intensity. There are hardly any bowlers in world cricket who are penetrative with the new ball and the old ball. Since he bowls a tight line during the last phase of the game, he was the best.

Waqar Younis

Before the arrival of Shoaib Akhtar, he was one of the fastest bowlers in the 1990s. One of his abilities was to swing the ball at an enormous pace. It is not only about his Yorkers, and his bouncers and reverse swing were an added advantage. Another achievement of the player is that he is the only player in the world to have five 6-wicket hauls.

Shoaib Akhtar

He is one of the fastest bowlers in world cricket and was a nightmare for the batsman worldwide. Even on slow wickets, he bowled with a lot of pace and venom. In spite of all this, he was a controversial figure, and injuries, along with a crush on the management, did have a major impact on his career. His shoulders and arms were his strengths, and his yorkers were too difficult for the batsman to deal with. It is really a pity that his career was cut short by injuries; otherwise, he would have gone on to reach the pinnacle of success very early.

Umar Gul

Umar Gul was rated as the best with his pace and in-swing deliveries. On the other hand, his hard-length deliveries were too hard to deal with. Even his slow deliveries on the docile pitches of the subcontinent seemed quite effective in the end. The batsman faced a lot of flak in dealing with the deliveries as there was pace and bounce.

Abdul Razzaq

A lot of us would be surprised by the name of the list, but when in full flow he was a real threat with the ball in hand. Though he did not possess a lot of pace, his outswingers and inswingers were a real threat to the batsmen. With his deceptive swing, he was a partnership breaker. In 46 odd tests, he went on to take 100 wickets.

Mohammed Sami

Among the Pakistan cricketers, you would be really surprised to see Sami bowling full throttle with his pace. The sad part is that he could not play for a long time for the national team and did not do justice to his talent. With his fast deliveries and an uneven bounce, he went on to surprise the batsman. When in full flow, he could swing the ball both ways, and his yorkers were another benefit that he went on to process. In 36 odd tests, he went on to claim 85 wickets.

Aaqib Javed

The fast bowler from Pakistan took 7 wickets in a one-day game against India. Once again, he could go on to play a lot of test matches for his team. Since he was competing with a few other fast bowlers during his time he could not get a regular place in the team. But still he was a great player and his skills were on display.

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