The Great Aussies: Australia’s Top 10 Highest Wicket-Takers in T20 International Cricket


Since the twenty20 format was made the standard for international cricket, Australia has done well on the field every time. They have always been ranked as one of the best Twenty20 international teams over the past few years. They also won the T20 World Cup and brought the trophy home in the same year (2021). The speed and bounce of Australian bowlers have put batsmen in dangerous situations more than once. So, this article will look at the Australian bowlers who have taken the most wickets in Twenty20 international games. This post will talk about Australia’s best bowlers in the twenty-over format. Follow the latest new update of cricket and be on the top of every news related to it.

1. Adam Zampa (71) –

Adam Zampa, an Australian leg spin bowler, has the record for the most wickets taken in a Twenty20 international match. In 2016, he played his first Twenty20 International match for Australia. Since then, he has played in 62 more matches for Australia. Zampa has taken 71 wickets in Twenty20 International games. He has an average of 21.22 and an economy rate of 6.79.

2. Mitchell Starc (63) –

Mitchell Starc, an Australian fast bowler, has taken the second-most wickets of any Australian bowler in Twenty20 international competitions. Since 2012, when he played his first Twenty20 International match for Australia, he has played in a total of 51 games for the team and taken 63 wickets. A start has been able to get all of these heads while keeping his economy rate at 7.55.

3. Shane Watson (48) –

Shane Watson is an all-around player for Australia. In Twenty20 internationals, he has taken the third-most wickets for Australia. In the 20th century, he played in 58 international games for Australia between the years 2006 and 2016. Watson has played for Australia in 48 international Twenty20 games, taking 48 wickets with an average of 24.72 and an economy rate of 7.65. People in Australia agree that he is one of the best cricket players there.

4. Andrew Tye (47) –

Andrew Tye has taken 47 wickets in the international Twenty20 version of the game. This makes him Australia’s fourth-best wicket-taker of all time. As a member of the Australian national team, Tye has played in 32 Twenty20 international matches between 2016 and 2021. His average number of wickets in an innings is 21.21, and his economy rate is 8.75.

5. Ashton Agar (46) –

Ashton Agar, who is also from Australia, has taken the second-most wickets in international Twenty20 games. He has taken the second-most wickets of any player. Since his first international Twenty20 match for Australia in 2016, he has taken 46 wickets for the team. In 45 international Twenty20 matches, Agar has taken these wickets at an outstanding average of 22.28, and he has also kept an economy rate of 6.50.

6. Josh Hazelwood (44) –

Since Josh Hazelwood has collected six wickets for Australia in Twenty20 international games, he is currently ranked sixth on the all-time list of players to achieve that feat. Since 2013, he has competed for Australia in international Twenty20 cricket matches. His specialty is the format. The structure is where he shines the brightest. Hazelwood has participated in international Twenty20 events and has taken 44 wickets during his career. He has competed in 30 matches, and he has won 29 of those matchups. His overall numbers are 18.27, and he has a score of 7.26 for the economy.

7. Pat Cummins (44) –

After Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins became the second bowler to take a wicket for Australia in a Twenty20 international. The start was the first Australian bowler to do so. Pat has competed in 39 international Twenty20 matches since he first joined the Australian national team in 2011. During that time, he has been a member of the team. His career began in 2011. In the sport of cricket played with a white ball, the Australian national team currently has him serving as the vice-captain. In T20 international matches, Pat has amassed a total of 44 wickets. He has an overall economy rate of 7.05 runs per wicket and has given up an average of 22.77 runs per game that he has played in.

8. Kane Richardson (42) –

In Twenty20 Internationals, Kane Richardson has taken eight wickets for Australia. He has been a part of Australia’s bowling attack. Since 2014, he has participated for Australia in a total of 32 international Twenty20 matches. In the course of those matches, he has collected 42 wickets for the squad representing his nation. He has been successful in taking wickets despite having a batting average of 21.28 and an economy rate of 7.97. In addition to that, he is currently living in Australia and playing cricket there.

9. Mitchell Johnson (38) –

Mitchell Johnson, another Australian player, has taken the second-most wickets in T20 international cricket. He now holds the record for most wickets taken. He now holds the record for the most wickets in the competition, which is also the record for the most in any sport. Since 2007, he has represented Australia in Twenty20 cricket competitions across the world, and he has enjoyed a great deal of success in the game. During his time representing Australia in Twenty20 internationals over the past few years, Johnson has amassed a total of 38 wickets. He has been successful in taking wickets despite having a batting average of 20.97 and an economy rate of 7.28.

10. James Faulkner (36) –

James Faulkner was the most recent Australian cricket player to have the most wickets in Twenty20 international matches. He was a part of the Australian cricket team. In addition to that, he is currently at the top in this particular category. From 2012 to 2017, he participated in a total of 24 international Twenty20 matches for Australia. These matches took place between the years 2012 and 2017. Faulkner has been successful despite maintaining an economy rate of 7.96 runs per over throughout this match. Additionally, he has been a significant contributor to the Australian team throughout international Twenty20 events.

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